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Fly Fishing

Web site where Luis Meana offers his guide fishing services in Spain.

Maxia Rods. The company that makes the famous Maxia rods. World Champion in 2012 and 2013 with the Italian and Spanish Team. Fully manufactured in europe.

Miguel Piñeiro's Web Site. All about the fishing in Galicia.

Asturian fishing Association

Con mosca

The fly fishing in Spain

Xuvia River Association

Taking Children on Their First Fishing Trip.

Here you will find a family-friendly article that contains various tips on how to have a successful first day of fishing with your child and how to encourage them to take an interest in the outdoors.

Pescarmona. Eduardo García Carmona's Blog. All information about the fishing in Spain.

Magazines and marketing

Free newspaper about the fishing in Galicia "Trueiro".

Dánica: Spanish fly fishing magazine. The only fly fishing magazine in Spain. Grupo V.

Spanish Digital magazine - Aguas Vivas

Flymage. Spectacular Spanish digital magazine in english language.

Complete information about the fly fishing in Spain.

Fly Fishing Forum Spain "Pobladores del Río.

Institutions and information

Instituto Nacional de Meteorología.

Ministerio de Medio Ambiente.

Dirección General de Tráfico.

German Weather page


Hotel Covadonga.

Apartamentos Río Aliso.

Hotel Rural Aguas del Narcea.

Camping Amaido.
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