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Talks and Exhibitions

Talks, Exhibitions and Discussions for gruops

for fly fisherman Associations, Firms from fishing's sector and tourism agencies given by:

Luis Meana.

Famous journalist collaborates in fly fishing magazines of several countries, writer, publisher, and creator of the recognized tying pattern "Pardón de Meana. He's, fundamentally, a passionate fly fisherman since over 30 years. Work as professional guide since 2005 and he's considered as reference for the sea trout, big trout and barbel fly fishing with dry fly. Luis Meana is pioneer and specialist using very long leaders for dry fly fishing and assure that it use is most easy and effective.


  • The feather of Gallo de León: History, breeding, quality criteria, tying use, etc.
  • Pardón de Meana pattern: Exhibition of tying, features, variants, use on fishing action…
  • Effectiveness of the dry flies tied with feather of Gallo de León (GDL): Brightness, presentation, quality in finished, light conditions, etc.
  • The dry fly fishing: Techniques, leaders, strategies, presentation, fishing conditions, etc.

Please check for availability with Luis Meana at:
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