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New fly rod “MEANA FFE – Dry Fly Technique”

Length 10” Weight line 5#

Take the opportunity to enjoy the new fly rod “Dry Fly Technique” which is the result of the experience of Luis Meana, world famous for the technique for fishing with dry fly. All production processes of the new “Dry Fly Technique” are developed in Spain by the known trademark “Maxia Rods”. This company is valued and sought after at international level, especially by many top competition anglers, as is well evidenced by the fact that the last three world champions used this rod.


The new “Dry Fly Technique” is a rod designed specifically for dry fly fishing. It is specially developed to get perfect presentations with small dry flies and ultra-long leaders and tippets. With this rod it is easy to present correctly at long or short distances with minimum effort. In addition, the length of this rod will ensure easier mending and corrections. This is a rod which is really versatile and it can cope with the following: medium and big rivers, lakes, trout and sea trout. Bigger species such as salmon and barbel on dry fly are also no problem thanks to the rod's removable fighting butt and its unbelievable energy reserve, something really remarkable for a rod that barely exceeds 3 oz.


- After 30 years really obsessed with the dry fly fishing, I have got, ¡finally! , in my hands the rod that I consider has the perfect action, the definitive action.

These are words of Luis Meana, to present to us his excellent fly rod made by “Maxia Rods”, exclusive for the trademark MEANA FFE.

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